Our Most Frequently Asked Q&A September 14 2017

~Most Frequent Q and A about Wedding Decor~

· How much do flowers cost? There are many factors to consider when asking this question: What kind of flowers do you like, How many do you need, What style reflects you best, etc. Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct answer for this question. Here are some of our very generalized prices:
 Bridal Bouquets generally start at 175.00+   Cascading generally start at 250.00 +
 Bridesmaids Bouquets generally start at 60.00+
Boutonnieres generally start at 12.00+
Corsages generally start at 20.00+
Altar pieces generally start at 200.00+
Low centerpieces generally start at 75.00+
Elevated centerpieces generally start at 250.00+
Candle Centerpieces generally start at 40.00+
These are average prices and your budget could go below these or above these, your wedding list is created specifically for you and designed around your details!
· How many weddings do you book for a weekend?We never book more than what we know we can handle when we take into consideration the delivery and set up required for each event!
· Are candles less expensive than flowers? Candles are a very popular selection for table centerpieces as well as wanting them to be accents to floral centerpieces. Although they are less expensive than flowers by the individual vase, the quantity desired on some tablescapes will make your flower budget go up quickly. You have to take into consideration the amount of labor involved in purchasing the glassware and candles, cleaning the glassware, filling the glassware with water, transporting the glassware, setting it up and then taking it all back down the same night of your event. A positive aspect of using only candles on some tables it that it allows for larger floral designs on other tables. Natural candlelight brings a romantic feel to any event and you can never have too many!
 · Do you love what you do? I LOVE my job. I LOVE flowers. I believe that I connect individually with my brides and the weddings that I book are for a reason. I want you to feel after you’ve met with me that our team is the one you cannot do without for your wedding day decor! I want you to know that I will listen to you and turn your dreams into “Better Than Reality!”- Shelley