The Crew at Expressions of Love!


Your team here at Expressions of Love consists of Shelley, Mariana, Abby, and McKinsey with guest appearances from time to time of Cheryl and Irenel!

We are going to strive to make your experience with us as perfect as possible and want to make ourselves available to you throughout your process. We have a combined total of 78 years of floral design experience and our unique combination of wisdom through years of experience and up-to-date and trendy design education will provide you with everything you need. 

What else is there left to say except that We Love Flowers! God has blessed our hard work with a flourishing business and we like to pass on these blessings to you through our designs. Our shop motto is "Every job is a self portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence! "

 From designing, to the deliveries of these Expressions of Love that you send to your special someone, we care for and guarantee every aspect of this business.  See our individual info below:


Shelley has been working in the floral industry for 19 years. After graduating from college in San Diego, CA, she moved out to North Carolina in 1995 and decided to call it home. In May, 2000 Shelley and Irene decided to open the florist shop in Fuquay Varina and have loved every minute of it! Shelley likes to keep up with the latest trends which gives her a desire to excel in this business! She is an award winner over the past several years as well as an international award nominee for various events she has provided the decor for. Bottom line-Shelley loves what she does and truly has a passion for it. But who is Shelley really? Here are some interesting facts about her:

1. Loves the Lord and my family dearly, first and foremost!

2. Mexican food is my FAV-the more authentic the better..

3. Scary movies-YES! What else is there to watch? 

4. Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot or White Monsters-YUM!

5. The Beach is my favorite place to be!

6. I love to hunt and fish with my hubby and 2 boys!

7. The best part about cake is the icing-the corner piece always has the most!

8. I love hot weather-really hot-sunshine hot!

9. I am somewhat competitive at games- not really- Its more like on!

10. I used to be a police officer before flower world consumed me! 

11. I am highly addicted to CrossFit..those who know me know I had to fit the topic into this somewhere!  :-)


Mariana joined us in 2018 and will be a friendly voice when you call into the store! She is one of the designers and handles many of the daily duties in the shop and can answer any questions you may have! Interesting facts from Mariana:

1. Born in Mexico City 🇲🇽(Spanish is my 1st language)

2. I’ve been white water rafting in the Rio Grande

3. I have a strange fear of sloths

4. I’ve never broken a bone or sprained anything 

5. I’ve visited 16 states & Washington D.C.
6. Cheerwine is my favorite soda even though I hate cherry flavored things
7. Scary Movies & Roller coasters scare me but I still watch/ride them
8. I’ve won 1st place in a Mario Kart tournament
9. I’d choose the pool over the beach ANY day(sand is annoying & I’m not that
good of a swimmer against currents)
10. I hate pickles but cucumbers are my favorite vegetable
Abby joined us in 2020 and will be a friendly voice when you call into the store! She handles many of the daily duties in the shop and can answer any questions you may have! Interesting facts from Abby:
1. I am afraid of heights 
2. Light pink is my FAV color 
3. My favorite food is Italian- especially pasta
4. I love to travel
5. My favorite season is summer
6. I have 3 cats- Miles, Daisy, & Lucky
7. I like to hunt and fish
8. I do NOT like bugs
9. I used to cheer and play soccer 
10. My favorite dessert is ice cream 
McKinsey joined us in 2020 and will be a friendly voice when you call into the store! She handles many of the daily duties in the shop and can answer any questions you may have! Interesting facts from McKinsey:
1. Originally from Augusta, Georgia 
2. if i could eat chipotle everyday i would 
3. i love anything outdoors (hiking, tubing, shooting, etc) 
4. i love serving in ministry and hope to be involved/ partner with missions organizations in the future 
5. unpopular opinion: peanuts in coke is really good 
6. country music will always be my favorite 
7. i love to try anything new//adventurous (sky diving, cliff jumping, zip lining)
8. im a sucker for Nicholas Sparks movies 
9. i hope to adopt/ foster one day 
10. GO DAWGS!!! 


Irene was a founding partner of Expressions of Love Florist has been in the floral industry for 50 years and has seen it all!  Although she retired in 2013, she makes an appearance every once and a while!  Some fun facts about Irene:

1. My family is my pride and joy from my husband all the way down to my great grandchildren and great grandchildren!

2. Baking is only permitted from scratch-no box mixes allowed!

3. I TRULY love to make every birthday a true celebration!

4. I was on the varsity swim team as a freshman in high school!

5. I Love the Hallmark Channel movies-more so at Christmas time!

6. I love Practical jokes-all the time--they are allowed!

7. I was the flower designer for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in California..

8.  I once shared an elevator with Redd Foxx

9. At Easter, spiced jelly beans are my candy of choice!

10. I Still know how to use short-hand writing




Cheryl started with us in 2015 and retired in 2019 but still comes in from time to time to help out.  Here are fun facts about Cheryl!

1) In high school, I aspired to become a veterinarian until learning I'm allergic to cats.

2) While attending NC State, I worked as a certified lifeguard/swim instructor and saved eight people from drowning.

3) Also, while majoring in Parks and Recreation, I learned how to drive a summer camp bus with a manual transmission and no power steering. I still have a Commerical Drivers License. 

4) Love the outdoors, especially birdwatching and hiking. Established two birding trails in Wake County.
5) I've handled and carried non-venomous snakes.
6) I've rescued birds and transported them to wildlife rehab centers or vets.
7) I'm a NC Notary.