Why Choose Us? September 14 2017

Why Choose US?

With choosing our team, you can have peace of mind on several different levels.

We offer you a free consultation and can typically give you a rough estimate before you leave. We also like to get what your budget is after we have completed our estimate because we want you to know that we have not based our estimate off of what you have said initially or based it off of what another florist has said.

We can offer many suggestions to keep you within your budget without compromising the integrity of your visions.

You will have Shelley, the primary designer, to meet with and then you will know that she is going to be completing your designs!

We have an alarm system on our walk in cooler that is temperature sensitive and will notify six phone numbers simultaneously when a high point or low point has been reached!

We are an established business and have been in business for 17 years!

We know that our flowers are going to be the highest quality that are available for us to bring in for your special day!

We ALWAYS go above and beyond in any event that we do! One of our most favorite quotes is "Autograph Your Work With Excellence!"